Finding innovation in ad agency new business, part one

Heck, with a title like this, how can you not wanna read further?! Hola, folks. Steve Congdon here. A couple of things I saw recently that you may find helpful if you are interested in getting more pitches or improving your close ratio.

The first is around getting some inspiration from other professional services. Sure, you can follow the ad agency rainmakers out there, and even pick up a thing or two by exploring my favorite site. But one of my little secrets is that I love learning the new business discipline by looking at the other professions. We can learn a lot from other folks who bill by the hour. And, by those that teach others how to bill more of them.

As an example, this little gem came into my inbox recently – a PDF named “15 ways to build trust…fast!” This link takes you to a post on the Trusted Advisors. These guys are awesome and write about a critical element in any professional service client/agency relationship (uh, trust). Here are the first five, by the way:

  1. Show you’ve done your homework
  2. Take a point of view
  3. Speak the truth…always
  4. Combine your words with presence
  5. Make lots of small promises

Can you see how this kind of thing can apply to new business? The PDF is worth downloading, as it adds context to their fifteen thoughts. And if you, like me, collect “how to win” type thinking, you will enjoy it.

Stay tuned for part two. And thanks, as always, for stopping by. Should you have any other resources you feel are worth sharing, feel free!