Defining a relationship-based new business prospecting plan

So, just what the heck does that mean?! Glad you asked! Here are a couple of tangible implications of a relationship-based new business prospecting plan. The following are in terms of a) how you build a prospecting list and b) your activities against these people.

  • Build your prospect list from the inside out. Who do you and your staffers know? Are they prospective clients, lead generators or influencers? That’s the closest in area.
  • Now, take a look at the next circle out: your suppliers and clients. How might you tap into client rolodexes? Who do your suppliers know that could be good for your agency to know? What have your suppliers or clients heard that might be of value to your new business efforts?
  • How do you leverage the power of networking? A terrific resource whom I admire, Ford Harding, broadly redefines networking to include things like helping people outside your firm. One of his several rainmaking books has a whole chapter on it. This is the kind of thing that is relationship-based activity.
  • Whaddya doing with social media? One of the things I’m learning is that numbers are nice, but engagement and relationship-building are much more important. On Twitter, for instance, the more direct conversations you have, the better. I can tell you from recent, personal experience this will create new relationships that will grow over time.

Lots more here to think about, of course. But, apparently, only 34% of you are coming back once you read something on this site. While this ain’t a bad number, particularly as this is new, it really would be best if more of you came back. (So, you can expect more on this subject later!)

Happy prospecting.