Crack into bigger accounts through “crap” assignments

Don’t you enjoy the Ad Age Small Agency Diary section?! I love reading stories written by billable folks in our industry. Some terrific thinking in there. Bart Cleveland’s most recent piece talks about how important it is to have a good attitude and to be always pushing for great work. This in and of itself is a fine thought. As was mentioned in the “comments” section of  the Ad Age story, it’s that kind of spirit that can keep great people around your firm. And certainly make your shop an enjoyable place in which to work.

I also think the attitude can spill into your new business prospecting efforts. Because your enthusiasm and attention to detail may not be shared by your competitors.

So, what kind of “crap” assignments does your agency manage?!

Here, I’m talking about the kind of stuff that…other agencies might overlook. Things like on-hold messages, birthday cards and training manuals. Little things that are often given short shrift or assigned to juniors when the assignments come up at bigger firms.

For a few years I worked with a very smart agency that gladly took on these kinds of assignments. Because they saw it was an opportunity to flex their considerable creative chops.

Couldn’t this also be a way to think about getting into bigger accounts? Here’s why that might work:

  • It makes you different than other agencies
  • Gives reason to hire you (other agencies aren’t doing it – you don’t upset the apple cart)
  • Even one little job can let you “walk the halls”
  • Could give a client an easy and internally merchandisable small win
  • Provides client a way to maximize a seemingly unimportant touch point
  • Could build some internal buzz for your agency at the client’s place

Nowadays, these “seemingly unimportant” touch points could be valuable little revenue generators for you. And who knows, perhaps a well-written customer service tree or on-hold program could go viral, bringing your client and your agency some well deserved attention.

So, how about it? Up for some “crap” work?!