Voyage gets new CMO

Just in case you missed this news, Vonage announced a new Chief Marketing Officer in mid-April. the new leader, Ted Gilvar, comes from another category-changing brand, Monster.

So, feel free to pick your cloud-based telephonic device to call me for a free thought or two on how you reach Ted. Or, better yet, hire me to help you find the right professional to grow your agency. I’m good at that kinda thing. But I digress.


New CMO announced at Grant Thornton

Hello, fellow professional service marketers. A new Chief Marketing Officer has been hired at Grant Thornton, a leading accounting and consulting firm. Read about it here. I love the idea of helping a company like this grow. In part, because there could easily be a new business referral or two here for your agency. That’s the kind of thing filed under “unusual, but effective” prospecting strategies.

If, by the way, you’re looking for new business talent that can help put your agency in front of Grant Thornton, give me a call. I know several terrific and PROVEN new business leaders that are open to new opportunities.

Thanks! And happy prospecting.


New CMO at Revlon

Did you see this news from last month? Revlon hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. He brings serious chops to this storied company, having worked at Cigna, P&G, Johnson & Johnson and McKinsey & Company.

Here’s the press release from Revlon, which offers up a little bit more detail than the story above.


Experian beefs up with new CMO

Experian Consumer Services just hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. And, she’s one of us! Kristen Simmons has joined the company as the new marketing leader, marketing products & services that help people understand and manage their credit.

Before joining Experian, she has had experience on Ford and Mazda. And…wait for it…she was in new business at Y&R on the west coast. In the article above, she deftly compares cars to credit scores. The reflective quality is similar, yet different in it’s visibility. But we digress.

I suspect your agency will need financial services chops, however, and be able to tell a pretty good story to get on this savvy professional’s radar screen.


Logan’s Roadhouse finds a new Chief Marketing Officer

Another potential pitch for a smaller agency. Logan’s Roadhouse has announced they have hired a new CMO. This is the third CMO in 30 months – the company has been struggling a bit. The brand’s new leader comes from successful stints at Arby’s, Russell and Meadwestvaco.

Logan’s Roadhouse has 261 locations in the U.S. and is headquartered in Nashville.

Happy pitching.