Captain America and Ad Agency New Business

Hello, new business fans! Have you seen Captain America yet? Watching the movie and then listening to a review sparked a thought about agency new business. (Why, it’s just enough to blog about!)

“Captain America” made me think of three helpful reminders when you think about your new business program:

Avoid the bang and whimper. Movies build a ton of buzz leading up to their crucial opening weekends. You see reviews, star interviews, promotions, ads and all sorts of stuff. And then, after the weekend… it all diminishes. Does this happen in your new business program? You and our team are psyched and you’re off and running. But then, everything fizzles with the passage of time. Two quick thoughts to address this:

  • Reward incremental steps towards new business success. Many new business programs offer incentives to the team for winning business. While that makes sense, consider putting incentives in to the steps leading up to the win.
  • Schedule a check-in point two months from now. Do that introspective navel gazing to understand what prevented you and your team from making progress. Adjust as needed to get a better result.

Be authentic. The problem some critics have with the movie is that Captain America is too damn, well, perfect. Being yourself in new business builds trust and inspires partnership. You can find some more about authenticity here:

Realize there is no new business superhero. Years of practice has proven the actions of one person can get an agency into a pitch. But it’s a team win. More like the complimentary power you see in The Avengers rather than the abilities of a specific member.

Anywho, hope this helps. Got any related thoughts?! Share away. But leave the cape at home. Thanks!