Build or borrow an agency positioning for new business

Your agency’s positioning. Call it an elevator speech, a mantra, or your special sauce. But yep, ya gotta have one.

You could read all sorts around the benefits of a solid, well articulated position. Heck, you could even read about what one is and how to go about it. As you can imagine, it’s the same kinda talk you share with paying clients.

So, you are being spared for now. Instead, here’s some perspective on two very different ways agencies have gone about finding one.

Build a positioning
They come up with special language. Sometimes, agencies even write books around the idea. There are a ton of examples here: Leo Burnett’s humankind. Saatchi’s Lovemarks. And many, many more. David Ogilvy really took advantage of idea with his book, Ogilvy on Advertising. Only he branded the man and not the process. Much easier when your name is on the door, right?

Going this route can be expensive and time consuming. What’s a smaller or medium-sized agency to do?

Borrow a positioning
There’s a terrific example of this with Innis Maggiore. This agency has become “The Nation’s Leading Agency in the Practice of Positioning.” Now, isn’t that smart? The agency seems to have a working relationship with Jack Trout, one half of the famous duo that wrote “Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind.” For years, this book has been helping marketers understand a key concept. Innis Maggiore is taking advantage of all the goodwill and awareness the book has created around positioning in the minds of their main target: senior-level prospects. My guess is anyone in marketing over the age of 35 has heard of or read this book. The concept is a timeless classic.

If this idea of borrowing a positioning is interesting, read more here.

Naturally, both of these ways explore a process or methodology in how communication work is created. There many other things an agency can hang their positioning on. But we digress. And I gots to get billable.

Hope this has sparked some thinking. Should you wish to discuss the matter further, feel free to leave a comment, drop me an email or give me a shout at your convenience: 773-637-5203. Thanks!