Book Writing and New Business

Writing the “New Business Library” post got me thinking about how professionals use books in their new business efforts. Perhaps the most well known, recent use of this technique is Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts and Lovemarks: the Future Beyond brands. Check out the site. Wow. A quick surf there suggests they’ve built up a whole community of fans that are big fans of the book’s philosophies.

Pretty awesome to think about the ways a book can be used for new business.

Today, I just wanted to discuss a benefit of the idea as it relates to prospecting: use it as a door-opener as the book is being written.

After all…

what CMO wouldn’t want to be included in a book? Maybe their brand is a case study…or they’re quoted in the book…or you’re simply trying to identify other people or brands that exemplify a point you’re making. Any way you slice it, it’s an interesting and different way to “reach out” to someone.

Not writing a book? Looking for a shorter commitment? A friend of mine, Matt Hoolehan, had a cool spin on the idea. He recently asked a prospect of his for some insight for a presentation Matt was giving to a local school. The prospect was flattered. And Matt’s relationship with the prospect was deepened. Another way of thinking about this might be identifying a local, marketing-related event and helping the host organization develop the agenda.

Happy prospecting.