Avoiding crickets in new business pitches, part three

Avoiding crickets in agency new business pitches, part three

Looking for a bit more around how to keep your presentations more interesting and interactive with prospects?! Sure you can pepper in some questions. Or make sure you have a steward. But here are a few other things to get you thinking:

Change the venue. Move beyond your office or the client’s place. Can a point be made by the presentation location? Could it demonstrate a target insight? A brand challenge? You get the idea. Think big. But keep it relevant. Theater for theater’s sake can be perceived as schtick.

Change the agency. War rooms are one way to go about it. But there other ways, too.  For a John Deere pitch, we once turned a high end conference room into a suburban backyard…complete with real grass sod on the floor, barbecue grill, outdoor patio furniture and piped in sprinkler sounds.

Change the presenters. Bring the consumer into the room. Communicate the retail perspective. Could a paying client say something on your behalf? You have just as many ways of bringing these perspectives to life as you have, well, different perspectives! This is another opportunity to mix it up.

With a bit more of your creative thinking, there are plenty more ways that can help make sure your pitch is persuasive, differentiating and reflects your agency’s hard work.

Feel free to share a thought or two here. Thanks.