Shutterstock clicks on new leader

One of the larger digital stock image players, Shutterstock, has just hired a new CMO.  The new Chief Marketing Officer, Aditi Javeri Gokhale has more than just a cool name. She brings terrific experience to this leading business brand. Beyond digital chops, it looks like she has a strong record of launching new products. And she’s worked with Nutrisystem, Travelocity, and American Express.

So, expect innovation coming out of Shutterstock in the way of new products, campaigns, and just maybe a new agency partner.



HP announces new CMO

This giant tech brand is undergoing big changes. And has just announced a new Chief Marketing Officer. Hewlett-Packard is splitting into two Fortune 50 companies and this new CMO will be in charge of the personal systems and printing businesses. Pretty sure this means printers, cartridges and the like.

Anywho, this new marketing leader has impressive brand experience, including work on VISA, Del Monte and P&G. His VISA work is called out in the press release, which could suggest HP is also concerned with the challenges brought on with corporate transitions.



New CMO brought on at Land O’Lakes

Hello, ad agency new business maven and seeker of the very best agency talent… you should know that a new Chief Marketing Officer has joined CPG giant Land O’Lakes.  And…he’s an agency professional. Tim Scott was leading mcgarrybowen Chicago and has been in account management at other Second City shops like DDB, JWT and FCB.

What? You’re not one of those agencies, but have exceptionally strong CPG chops? Still worth knowing, my friend. But like you, I do suspect these shops and/or those that know Tim will have a better shot at the business. But how is that different than any other pitch? Anywho…


Voyage gets new CMO

Just in case you missed this news, Vonage announced a new Chief Marketing Officer in mid-April. the new leader, Ted Gilvar, comes from another category-changing brand, Monster.

So, feel free to pick your cloud-based telephonic device to call me for a free thought or two on how you reach Ted. Or, better yet, hire me to help you find the right professional to grow your agency. I’m good at that kinda thing. But I digress.


New CMO announced at Grant Thornton

Hello, fellow professional service marketers. A new Chief Marketing Officer has been hired at Grant Thornton, a leading accounting and consulting firm. Read about it here. I love the idea of helping a company like this grow. In part, because there could easily be a new business referral or two here for your agency. That’s the kind of thing filed under “unusual, but effective” prospecting strategies.

If, by the way, you’re looking for new business talent that can help put your agency in front of Grant Thornton, give me a call. I know several terrific and PROVEN new business leaders that are open to new opportunities.

Thanks! And happy prospecting.