ServiceMaster hires new Chief Marketer

Leave it to Thunderclap to share the news others just might miss. And that just could mean a pitch for your agency! Read this story about the new CMO being hired at ServiceMaster. The article will detail some of the ways this company is becoming for digitally focused. These guys have never been huge spenders in advertising. But with their new focus, it just might be smart to further explore this company.

The new leader’s background includes strong marketing experience with technology-based home service companies. Brands like LifeLock and Comcast. Seems like a great fit for the job.


New CMO hired at troubled Macy’s

If your agency can turn around retail brands, take a look: the iconic brand has hired a new Chief Marketing Officer. The headline in the article gets at one of the strategies Macy’s will further explore – omnichannel. Hmmm… The new CMO replaces a marketing leader who was with the brand for over thirty years. And he has agency experience, having been a leader at JWT.

Do a little more digging, and realize this might mean Toys R Us will also soon go into review. Because they new Macy’s CMO just had the top marketing job there.

Impacting the critical career discussion you’re NOT in

Yup. It’s true. You are not in one of the most important conversations of your career. It’s the kind of conversation that gets you promoted, earns raises, or keeps you around when layoffs are in the air.

The one that might even be happening right now, as you read this. I’m talking about the chat happening between your boss and your client’s boss about you, you, you. Or maybe’s it’s your boss’s boss. Or boss’s boss’s boss… It’s between two people that may or may not really know you and what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Story time!

Before yours truly got into new business… And before I started helping agencies find senior-level leaders, yours truly was an account guy. I’d worked at big agencies on big, household name brands for many years. And for the most part, really enjoyed it! It was fun. But that ended when the CMO at my client told the senior-most account guy (my boss’s boss at the time) said, “I like Steve, but he sells too much.”

Uh-oh. This, my friends, is a body blow. Not fatal, mind you. But not good. Basically, I was told that while I wasn’t being asked OFF the business, I was not going to get promoted ON it.

The point to this tale is that you aren’t in that room when that quiet conversation is being held. But you CAN do things to help make sure the conversation is a positive one versus a negative one. Two quick thoughts:

Do good work

So much easier said than done, right? But pretty damn important. And it really doesn’t matter what discipline you’re in: account management, account planning, creative, media, digital… Heck, even client side.

Of course, quality in our business can be a very subjective thing. But generally speaking, it’s going to be something you’re proud of and excited about. And there’s always the non-subjective side: results. I’m NOT talking just about revenue growth. There are PLENTY of other ways to identify success. Think about your target here. What does your target consider success? A blog post for later, perhaps.

Don’t be a jerk

Man, does it make a difference. The reason I was moved into new business at that agency was because those around me perceived me as a good guy and I kept my nose clean. I wasn’t a jerk. People who charge more for their time might call this “reputation management.” Whatever you call it, it’s a crucial part of your career if you want to earn the big bucks. Particularly in the world of professional services.

I did a little bit of research on The Google, and was surprised by two things: #1: being a jerk seems to be male gender-specific. And #2: there’s no writing on how to not be one at work. Just lots of advice on how to deal with them when you run into them. Both topics are blog-worthy. But again, I digress.

So, is it really that simple? Well, no. But if you can do the two things listed above fairly consistently, the conversation you’re not in about your career prospects could go pretty well.


New VP Marketing joins Cooper Tire

Automotive aftermarketers, unite! Here’s an article that states Cooper Tire has a new marketing leader. Bryan Hesse has an interesting background as an engineer-turned-marketer, and has worked in marketing with companies like P&G, Valspar and Armstrong.  I suspect his impact will be felt across the traditional Ps of marketing. And maybe even beyond.

American Eagle hires new marketing leader

Calling all agencies with retail experience…this just in. A new Chief Marketing Officer has been hired at American Eagle Outfitters.

Looks like this professional, Kyle Andrew, worked with the brand as a consultant before she was hired as the marketing leader. Kyle has quite a bit of experience in the fashion industry, having had a major impact on Kate Spade. She’s also worked in brand marketing at Gap. And she began her career in the ad agency space.

She’s coming in at just the right time, too. The brand’s quarterly numbers are up double digits.

How can your agency help her build on that momentum?