Another ad agency new business inspiration from Apple

Hail and well met, new business fans. Today’s post brought to you by the letter “B” (as in “billable”) and the corresponding color, green. What, you were expecting verdant? Chartreuse? Let the record show I’m more a sage man.

As I was thinking about something helpful to write, yet not too solicitous, The Missus came into the hotbox known as the Thunderclap home office with her latest Apple purchase. It’s a new nano. Very cool. And, like all Apple products, it’s packaging is incredible. Full of oohs and ahhs.

No other company I know does a better job with packaging. It is an experience. Yet again, they take a part of their brand’s interaction and make it fun, cool and uniquely Apple.

Can the same be done with the client/agency relationship? What is your agency client experience like?

What I’m getting at is performing a customer audit. This is something you can plan and execute at your agency. From your customer’s perspective, explode the experience. Break it down into pieces and parts. Map it. Throw it on a wall. Consider looking for two things:

  1. How to make your shared experience work better for your client. Lots of ways to define this, of course. But for starters and just as an example, let’s take apart the way both parties communicate. How do you currently do this? What channels do you use? How often does it happen? What’s in the briefing processes? How is your brief different than theirs? How does a project start? How does it end? What happens in the middle? Questions like these and others can yield some great ideas and create happy clients. And from a new business perspective, happy clients mean more referrals. The very best kind of new business lead you can earn.
  2. How to make your shared experience work better for you. I’m talking about potential revenue-generating opportunities here! If you’re a job small shop, for instance, and you look at the start and end of a job, how might you change up those processes to ensure you talk about other projects related to the one you’re working on? An interesting question agencies of any size should be asking is who, on the client side, is a part of client/agency communication. Because people who aren’t your day-to-day contacts provide excellent relationship-building opportunities that can lead to more work.

Anywho, hope these few hundred words have made you think a bit more about your own agency’s client experience and how an audit can help generate new business for your firm. Should you want to discuss it a bit more (so that my own family can buy more Apple products), feel free to contact me at your convenience.


P.S. Apple is a gift that keeps on giving for ad agency new business fans everywhere. The first gift is a smart post written by agency social media guru Michael Gass. It’s about lessons we can all learn around presentation. A good read.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an idea to grow existing business, consider walking the halls. But add donuts.