Agency vs. Staff Past Experience

We’re in a screwy business. From time to time I study new business techniques in other professional services industries, looking for smart ways agencies can improve their prospecting or pitching. One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is our industy’s ability to rely more on historical agency experience rather than staff experience. We’ve been trained to first look to the roster, then the staff, as we develop rationale for a given opportunity.

The sharpest clients realize that what really matters most is the experience of the people working on their business. And while “that old chestnut” has been said by many, it seems to be have been forgotten in the days of pressing revenue goals.

This is not the case in other hourly service businesses like management consulting or the legal profession, where some brands seem to emphasize the past experience of the people more than they do the firm.

If anyone’s seen an agency that leads more with their people than the agency’s historical experience, it would be interesting to understand how that’s worked for them.