Ad Agency New Business Training Search Tips

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the business about lack of training. And while this may be true, it ain’t because there are a lack of options. Particularly in agency new business. A quick Google search will supply plenty of choices. The “teach a person to fish…” saying seems appropriate here. And my guess is that in my space – outsourced new business help – training has been a fast growing segment.

Were I in your shoes, here are a few quick thoughts around what to look for:

Some way to ensure the learning sticks. Part of the problem with any kind of training is that the outside resource comes in and is brilliant. Everyone’s psyched and motivated. But then, with the passage of time…it’s back to business as usual. How does the provider ensure continued execution of the brilliance?

Identify the ROI. What will be the measureable outcomes of this training? How will this training help my business? How can it be of value to my clients?! I am convinced that agencies would go out of their pocket more for training were properly marketed.

Finally, this does not suggest that training is not available in-house and on-the-job. You certainly don’t have to invest tons of money to get your staff sharper around new business (or any other aspect of agency life.) Looking back, I can see that the most important lessons I’ve learned have come through interactions with mentors and clients. Not training. But man, some of those lessons were pretty expensive!

(Full disclosure: training is something Thunderclap offers, but nothing too formal. More coaching, really, over a set period of time. Should you really want to know more about that, lemme know. Happy to provide a testimonial or two.)

Should you have any thoughts around agency training, please drop me a line and share your thoughts. You clearly have my attention!