Ad agency new business ROI on social media

Happy between-holiday week! Hope you had a very merry and have some great New Year’s plans. Yours truly will be heading to NYC to ring in 2011. Look for The Missus and me on TV. We’ll be on your left!

So, the time between Christmas and New Years is a terrific opportunity to look at the year that was and prepare for the next one. One of the things I am exploring is how my business is using social media. You’re hearing about it because you may be in the same boat I am: figuring out whether the crapload of time you’ve spent is really worthwhile.

Here’s some common sense stuff what popped up as I began thinking more about it:

  • How much money have you made? What business can you directly attribute to social media efforts?
  • How much did your transom increase? (Those “unexpected” calls for your services.) How many…conversations did you have? What’s different about these kinds of opportunities?
  • How many new relationships were started as a result of social media? How many existing relationships were rekindled?
  • How much did your mailing list or RSS feed grow?
  • Was closing business any easier due to your digital or social media presence? You can measure that through less time being spent per pitch, or bits of blogs you might have picked up and put in a pitch, or…
  • What “soft” measures can you apply to your efforts? Your professional work doesn’t always just have to pay the mortgage.
  • (If social media isn’t new to you, what changed in how you used social media or digital this year compared to last? How did that impact the above metrics?)

Answers to these kinds of questions can help you figure out social media ROI – as well as get you thinking about how to improve it. You’ll find a ton more ad agency social media stuff at Fuel Lines. I owe Michael Gass a shout-out for encouraging me to ramp up Thunderclap’s social efforts. He’s an expert. And a generous professional.

(Personal note: delighted to report that after five months of blogging and mucho amounts of time being spent on social media efforts, the experiment will continue in 2011! So, please expect more of the same from Thunderclap. It’s been personally and professionally rewarding, and I look forward to learning and sharing with you next year.)

Many thanks to all who have visited the site, signed up for the RSS feed, commented, joined the mailing list, chatted on the phone, or given me the chance to help you in your new business efforts. I am grateful.

(Oh, and always at the ready to discuss new business! You’re welcome to call. Thanks again!)