Ad agency new business inspiration at 35,000 feet

Hey there! Yours truly is writing this from far above the Atlantic. On the way back from some foreign land. And while it might be lovely to offer up a morsel or two about where and how, The Missus has gently reminded me I ain’t Rick Steves. You’re a fellow new business fan! So, let’s get to it.

Are you going through the new business motions? This can be a very easy thing to do in what some folks see as canned bits of an agency’s new business efforts. Like credentials, for instance.

You read this question because I was struck with the professionalism of the airline staff on today’s flight. You know when they deliver the safety demos? Well, these people actually put the oxygen masks completely over their well-coiffed heads. With genuine smiles, even! They even wore the life jacket things (stopping just short of blowing into the red tubes on either side of the jacket, thank goodness.)

Yes, they’ve done it hundreds of times. But they didn’t have that bored look on their faces. The flight attendant closest to me even made a little joke. And made eye contact. At least he seemed to. He coulda been checking out The Missus.

Apply this to your new business capabilities presentation. Are you delivering your agency story with enthusiasm? Are you making a connection with the prospect? Or are you one of those people that simply can’t be bothered to tighten the elastic strips?

You have the luxury a flight attendant does not have when delivering the same old, same old. You can change it up. Bring out the most relevant and most important points related to your prospect’s needs. Your agency’s most basic features have benefits to your clients. But we digress!

Thanks for flying Air Thunderclap.