A JWT new business idea coming soon to your part of the world.

Hey there! Thought you might find this interesting, as it can get your brain thinking about a similar idea. JWT introduced something called “Worldmakers,” which appears to be some sort of video series. Here’s JWT’s Youtube channel. Each video bit is an interview JWT Worldwide Chairman and CEO Bob Jeffrey interviews an interesting marketing leader.

If you’re interested in new business, this is worth checking out. Here’s some of the why and how:

It’s got legs. JWT kicked this off at the recent CES. So, the agency has many high profile people at one place. So, it’s cheaper to produce, easier to get interviews, easier to develop a SERIES of videos, etc. Name the great big trade shows that happen over a year, and you just might see Mr. Jeffrey there this year. On a strategic level, this is a platform that enables discussion of many topics relevant to the target.

It’s a door-opener. Of the highest caliber. So far, JWT has seemed to interview a handful of brands and media channels. I don’t know if the brands they’s interview are clients or not. But probably are. Many prospective clients – particularly those with a global reach and influence – have healthy, strong egos. It could be flattering for them to have a platform to share their perspectives. This is an emotional insight on a new business prospect. In my humble opinion, the best new business ideas stem from personal insight and relevance to your target. 

It’s on-brand. Looks like JWT’s latest brand story is Worldmade.” When I simply look at the video, see all these city names zip by, and then their global leader speak, I tend to think JWT is a global leader. Worldleaders.  Worldmade… Call me crazy. But you can see where this is going.

It’s online. Here’s an introduction to the series. It’s fairly standard and will give the viewer an overview of what Worldmakers will be. What struck me about this was not the video itself, but the page it was on. It’s chock full of interesting little video bits prospective clients would love.  Great ways time-starved professionals can be inspired and get an insight or two. Like their top ten trends for 2012 bit. There’s an opportunity to build an online community here.

I have followed JWT’s new business efforts on and off for years. And look forward to seeing how this will help their efforts. But from YOUR perspective, gentle reader, don’t think for a minute you can’t do something similar. If you have ten people in your office. Or ten thousand, spread across the world. Here are two quick thoughts:

Your one-office brand is in a specific city and region. Is there a spin you can bring to that? A series of interviews you might conduct? Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be a highly produced video. Could be a service of whitepapers or blog posts. Or…

Do you have a specialty? A target? A category? A specific business challenge? Don’t make me pull this car over to help you think this through. On second thought, gimme a shout. Papa’s got a mortgage to pay.

Anywho, hope this inspires you to find some new ways to develop relationships and build awareness for your agency. Thanks for reading. And keep on coming back.