A hidden new business resource you already have!

An associate of mine just reminded me of something bloggable.

Are you taking full advantage of your local public library?!

I’m not. So, I spent a little bit of time comparing new business needs to what might be there. Beyond the obvious traditional business and trade periodicals, here are some perhaps less obvious resources worth exploring:

  • Databases (ABI/Inform, ProQuest, ReferenceUSA etc.)
  • Hoover’s Company Records (an abbreviated version)
  • State public records
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries (and others like it)
  • Investors’ tools (Morningstar, Standard & Poor’s, etc.)

Start by calling the reference librarian. They are experts in understanding their in-house resources and can introduce you to this world.

Don’t think the above list applies to your library?! Maybe, maybe not. A conversation with my friendly reference expert suggests that what they pay for Hoover’s, for instance, is based on local population. So it’s absolutely worth a phone call to see what’s available.

Best of all, many of these are available online. Your local tax dollars at work! You may have to have a library card to access the information. Check with your local library for the details.



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